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The best countertops make a statement in your home that other features cannot. You've worked hard to incorporate unique designs and flavors throughout your home, so why should your countertops be any different?

At Real Deal Countertops, we aspire to combine the beauty and durability of natural stone with unrivaled, personalized attention to all customers. With the highest quality materials and the most helpful customer service, we give our clients the opportunity to make informed decisions that they feel good about for years. Our story in the countertop fabrication and manufacturing industry began more than 19 years ago, when Rafael Quedevez started out as a sales representative in Massachusetts. Working his way up through the ranks, Rafael soon made his way to South Carolina to open and manage his own companies. In 2013, we created real Deal Countertops. Since that time, we are proud to have served more than 5,000 customers in South Carolina and beyond.

Our leadership team combines more than 40 years of experience in the home remodeling service industry. Always striving to create a better product for our customers, we use the latest in robotics technologies and the sharpest minds in the business to craft countertops of unparalleled quality. Unlike other countertop companies in Jedburg, SC, we only source the finest stone slabs in the world.

At Real Deal Countertops, we offer a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, including:

Kitchen Countertop Installation Jedburg, SC


 Custom Countertops For Kitchen Remodeling Jedburg, SC


 Kitchen Remodeling With Granite Countertops Jedburg, SC


 Kitchen Remodeling With Quartz Countertops Jedburg, SC


 Kitchen Remodeling With Laminate Countertops Jedburg, SC


 Kitchen Remodeling With Marble Countertops Jedburg, SC

Pollar White

 Kitchen Remodeling With Quartzite Countertops Jedburg, SC


 Kitchen Remodeling With Stone Countertops Jedburg, SC


We are committed to ensuring that granite, marble, and other unique, exotic stones are attainable to all who desire them. If you're in search of a trustworthy counter company with a team of knowledgeable, helpful experts, you have come to the right place!

Most Popular Countertops in Jedburg, SC

Choosing the best countertops for your kitchen is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be a hard one. One of the best ways to narrow down your search is to find out what kind of countertop material you'd like to use. While it's true that material and style trends change over time, there are several counters that have always been top sellers.

Some of the most popular countertops we sell include:

Marble Countertops in Jedburg, SC

There's no way around it - marble adds jaw-dropping beauty to just about any room and is known for its good looks. It is a dense stone that comes in many different hues like greens, browns, pinks, greys, whites, and more. While marble countertops often have otherworldly beauty, they can be susceptible to stains and cracks. Marble is also considered one of the most expensive counters to choose from, though the truth is marble comes in a wide range of qualities and prices.

  • Pros: Stunning beauty, plenty of beautiful choices.
  • Cons: Not always used in kitchens due to chance of staining.
  • Popular Colors: Portinari, Shadow Storm, Super White, Lumen, Calacatta Linconni, Nobulato Honned, Shadow, Grey Imperiale Honed.
Kitchen Countertop Installation Jedburg, SC
 Custom Countertops For Kitchen Remodeling Jedburg, SC

Granite Countertops in Jedburg, SC

When it comes to popularity, granite countertops take the cake. Granite countertops usually contain a blend of quartz, feldspar, mica, and other minerals. Granite can add an edge of elegance and even a country-chic feel to your kitchen, making it a well-rounded stone. Granite is durable and scratch-resistant, though it can require sealing and DIY chip repair.

  • Pros: Luxurious, rich look featuring natural stone that is durable, heat resistant, and scratch-resistant.
  • Cons: Hard material that may require DIY chip repair and sealing.
  • Popular Colors: Blue Jeans, Creama Pearl, Alure, Galaxy White, Luna Pear, Steel Grey, Ubatuba, Oro Brazil.

Quartz Countertops in Jedburg, SC

Quartz is a manufactured material that represents one of our favorite four-letter words: easy! If you're looking to add a high-end feel to your kitchen or bathroom, quartz is an excellent material to consider. Like granite, quartz countertops can add a decadent vibe to any room. Unlike granite, you may not have to seal quartz quite as often (if ever).

  • Pros: Quartz countertops come in plenty of colors to choose from and are easy to clean. They are also strong, scratch-resistant, and don't require sealing.
  • Cons: Quartz is not as heat resistant as other materials like granite counters. Sharp corners tend to crack, but that can be remedied with rounded corners.
  • Popular Colors: Noble Grey, Raw Concrete, Frosty Carrina, Shitake, Pebble, Pietra Grey, Sierra Madre, Arctic.
 Kitchen Remodeling With Granite Countertops Jedburg, SC
 Kitchen Remodeling With Quartz Countertops Jedburg, SC

Silestone Countertops in Jedburg, SC

A manufactured material made from quartz crystals, Silestone countertops are equal parts gorgeous and practical. Known for being a durable, non-porous choice, Silestone is resistant to stains, scratches, and even some forms of bacteria. Homeowners who choose Silestone do so because they can get a high-end look without having to worry too much about maintenance. Silestone counters look great in many different homes, from contemporary abodes with modern accents to vintage-looking kitchens.

  • Pros: Silestone countertops are non-porous, meaning germs and bacteria can't lodge themselves inside this material. This makes Silestone counters great for kitchens and bathrooms alike. This material also comes in a wide variety of colors and resists scratches and chips. Overall, Silestone is an excellent choice if you want to make a solid long-term investment without much upkeep.
  • Cons: While Silestone is great if you're looking for a low-maintenance counter option, it can be sensitive to harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia. Silestone is also not recommended for outdoor use since the resins used to make the material do not do well with UV light.
  • Popular Colors: Daria, Gray Expo, Lagoon, Calacatta Gold, Arctic, Blanco City, Gris Expo, Desert Silver

Quartzite Countertops in Jedburg, SC

Not to be confused with quartz countertops, which are manmade, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that is quarried much in the same way that granite is. If you're a fan of marble counters, quartzite mimics its looks without as much upkeep. Like granite, it is a very durable choice and adds an upscale feeling to almost any room you choose.

  • Pros: Since it doesn't require any special cleaners, quartzite looks great without much maintenance. When it gets dirty, soap and water should be all you need to clean. Quartzite is also a great long-term option since it doesn't wear down quickly at all.
  • Cons: Heat is required to form quartzite. However, you should avoid putting hot pots and pans on your quartzite countertops. Because quartzite comes in many different varieties, some forms of quartzite need to be sealed more often than others.
  • Popular Colors: Maya, Fusion, Locomotion, Callacata, Airy Concrete, Cocada White
 Kitchen Remodeling With Laminate Countertops Jedburg, SC

Which Countertop is Right for You?

If you're just beginning your search for new countertops, it can be a little overwhelming trying to whittle down your options. We've got good news - with over 19 years in the industry, our team of experts has learned a thing or two about countertops. When you come to the Real Deal Countertops showroom, one of our goals is to educate you about our products and your countertop options, so you can make an educated purchasing decision.

 Kitchen Remodeling With Marble Countertops Jedburg, SC

How Will You Use Your Countertops in Jedburg?

The first and perhaps most crucial part of your countertop choice should stem from how you and your family use your countertops. For example, if you have kids, your counters will probably see a lot of activity. Between standard eating times and "in-between" meals that teens are known for, your counters might double as food prep stations. As such, you might need a countertop material that is resistant to most food and beverage stains. If you own a rental property that sees a lot of foot traffic from strangers, you might want to consider an economical material that is also durable.

  • Do you cook a lot?
  • Do you host a lot of parties?
  • How long will you be living in your home?
  • How long will you be living in your home?
Once you figure out exactly how you'll be using your countertops, you can begin to narrow down your choices.
 Kitchen Remodeling With Quartzite Countertops Jedburg, SC

How Much Upkeep Is Too Much?

Be realistic and honest with yourself about this question. Before you fall in love with how a countertop material looks, be sure you understand how much upkeep is needed. Some materials require more care, while others don't need much at all.

Keep these points in mind:
  • Materials like quartz only need to be wiped down occasionally.
  • Materials like granite, marble, and limestone will need to be sealed at least once a year.
  • Some materials may be durable but aren't stain resistant.

The bottom line is this: Assess the maintenance demands that come along with the materials you're looking at. Marble countertops in Jedburg, SC are elegant, but if you'e unwilling to keep them looking their best, why bother buying the material?

You should be aware that most countertop materials will require some form of upkeep, even if it' minimal. To help keep your counters in pristine condition, consider these care and precaution tips:

  • Many common foods contain acids that will dull or even damage the surface of stone countertops.Use coasters to protect your counters, especially if you'e drinking something with citrus juices or alcohol.
  • Do not place scalding hot pots or pans directly on your countertops.
  • Use mats or trivets to place under hot dishes.
  • If you spill liquid on your countertops, blot the spill with a paper towel ASAP. Wiping the spill will cause it to spread.
  • Use mild soap and plain water to clean up stains.

Which Colors and Materials Match Your Home's Aesthetics?

For many homeowners, this question is almost always top-of-mind. After all, you want to choose colors and materials that fit well with other features in your home. When selecting your countertop materials, try to choose a tone that contrasts with your other amenities, like your cabinets. Don't go for a perfect match. As an example, black granite is a beautiful contrast to white cabinets.

Consider these questions when choosing your countertop materials:
  • Are there one or two colors that you love more than others?
  • Does your choice go well with the color of your kitchen's walls?
  • Do you want to switch up your kitchen's style or keep it the same?
  • Will you be painting your kitchen a different color in the future?
  • Will you be replacing your appliances soon?
 Kitchen Remodeling With Stone Countertops Jedburg, SC
Kitchen Countertop Installation Jedburg, SC

Real Deal Countertops Pro Tip:

Because your home's accessories and paint job may change with time, your countertops should have a versatile color. That way, you won't have problems matching them with new paint colors or appliances.

 Custom Countertops For Kitchen Remodeling Jedburg, SC  Kitchen Remodeling With Granite Countertops Jedburg, SC

Countertop Remodeling Done Right

At Real Deal Countertops, our #1 priority is your satisfaction. Unlike some countertop companies in Jedburg, we make it a point to exceed our customer's expectations. We strive for excellence with every transaction we complete and pledge to faithfully implement innovative techniques to ensure that our products remain affordable. With the help of Real Deal Countertops, remodeling your kitchen and bath will be painless and easy.

The appearance of a kitchen or bath depends on the right countertop selection, proper fabrication, and expert installation. Are you interested in granite countertops in Jedburg, SC? Maybe quartzite is a better choice for your family. Whatever you choose, know that our skilled installers and fabricators will make a template so that all custom pieces fit perfectly in your home.

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We're here to help answer all your questions. Please feel free to give our office a call today at 866-707-1414 Before you know it, you will be ready for your new set of Real Deal Countertops!

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Latest News in Jedburg, SC

Jobs available at new Jedburg McDonald’s

On the heels of its Jan 4 opening and Jan. 21 ribbon-cutting ceremony, the McDonald’s restaurant at 2902 West 5th North Street in the Jedburg area of Summerville is looking to add to its current staff.“It’s an amazing location. I am glad we are finally open,” said General Manager Mara Stolman. “We have been busy, and the community is excited for us to be here.”She further added that the new site is looking to supplement its work crew by hiring for all positions, including day shift, evening s...

On the heels of its Jan 4 opening and Jan. 21 ribbon-cutting ceremony, the McDonald’s restaurant at 2902 West 5th North Street in the Jedburg area of Summerville is looking to add to its current staff.

“It’s an amazing location. I am glad we are finally open,” said General Manager Mara Stolman. “We have been busy, and the community is excited for us to be here.”

She further added that the new site is looking to supplement its work crew by hiring for all positions, including day shift, evening shift, managerial roles and maintenance.

“There’s a lot of good jobs we have for the community and we’re very excited to serve the community with exceptional service,” noted Stolman.

The new restaurant — owned by Jim, Sarah and Ryan Booth — features the latest upgrades in technology and modernization, as stated in a corresponding corporate press release. Leading the host of amenities is the venue’s digital self-serve kiosks and a state-of-the-art outdoor digital menu board.

The local eatery also offers a dining room and double drive-thru lanes that are open daily 5:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Daily operation hours for the lobby area are 6 a.m.-11 p.m.

Some of the available specials this week at the Jedburg restaurant are:

Wed. Jan 25- First Responders Day, as free meals will be offered to members of law enforcement, fire departments and EMS.

Thurs Jan 26- Buy-one-get-one-free for purchasers of McCafé drinks of any size.

Fri Jan 27- Free medium fries with any purchase 10:30 a.m.-11 p.m.

I bumped into Keira Montclair (pen name) quite by accident back on Jan. 8 on LinkedIn.com. Montclair, a bestselling author of historical romance, has been a writer now for over 10 years and has written over 50 books — that’s an average of producing over 5 books a year. Amazing!

Keira, of Summerville, previously worked as a high school math teacher, registered nurse, and office manager, but was able to leave teaching to write full-time. She writes mostly fast-paced historical romance, and her bestselling family saga follows two medieval Scottish clans through three generations.

She considers her work done well when her readers shed tears over her stories, but there is always a happy ending. Her newest book, “The Scot’s Conflict,” which begins yet another new book series, was released on February 7.

Regan: Did you always dream of being a writer decades ago?

Montclair: No, never! I did not even think about it until I started reading historical romance. I fell in love with the genre and decided to give writing a try when we moved to Florida. Five years later, I self-published my first novel, and it did so well that I was able to quit my day job a year later.

R: How do you get new ideas for each successive book? Does it become harder to write new chapters over time, or easier? When do you know a saga is done within one of your seven book series?

M: I’m one of those fortunate people who has never had writer’s block. I write character-driven plots, so I start with my two characters and go from there. I look at their individual goals, their motivations to achieve them, and discover the conflicts they’ll be faced with over time. It all builds from there. I am also a plotter, so I spend a week getting my plot down. I try not to end a series. You never know when you might want to add to a series. I leave them open.

R: Your books are based in Scotland? You are of Scottish descent?

M: My heritage is English and Scottish. I had hoped to visit Scotland the year of the pandemic, but that never happened. It is still in my plans. Many of my stories are built around the times when the Scots had fought for their independence. I love writing about feuds and skirmishes and battles. I consider my genre to be historical romantic suspense, not just romance. There is always a villain somewhere.

R: You have titles under 8 Book Series: “The Clan Grant Series”; “The Highland Clan”; “The Band of Cousins”; “Highland Swords”; “Highland Healers”; “The Soulmate Chronicles”; “The Summerhill Series — Contemporary Romance”; and “Highland Hunters” (newest series). Are some of the series interrelated with each other?

M: The first series is Clan Grant. There is a reading order listed on my website, www.keiramontclair.com. If you’d like to read a stand-alone novel, you can try “Escape to the Highlands” which one of my recent releases. My contemporary series set in the Finger Lakes of New York never sold much, so I stopped after three books and returned to Scotland. I’ve been blessed with many devoted readers of my Scottish novels.

R: Can you compare this to related T.V. show? Which elements do you heavily rely on to keep each saga going?

M: ”Outlander” is an ongoing series set in Scotland, but is much later than my time period. My success has been mostly based on my characters. The two clans I started with are the same two I am writing about now, only the third generation. But the characters come and go. The patriarchs and matriarchs of the two clans have been in many books. The main secondary character in the book I am writing now was introduced in the second book of Clan Grant. It is a true family saga, and that’s what I think makes my series unique. My strength is also in my secondary characters. I love to write about children so you can watch them grow, but I’ve also had a spirited pony, an owl, and a Scottish wolfhound as secondary characters. The Scots believed in faeries and their national animal is the unicorn, so they do have a bit of magic in their history.

R: Do you have a particular series of yours that is your favorite?

M: I don’t. After 50 books, I have lost track of how many characters I have named. It becomes a challenge just coming up with unique medieval Scottish names!

R: Is there a certain historical romance writer you really admire? Your next book?

M: One of my favorite series is Sara Donati’s Wilderness Series. I have too many favorite authors to name. The second book in my new series, “Highland Hunters,” will be released in April, but I do not have a firm date yet.

FMI: www.KeiraMontclair.com or Amazon: https://amzn.to/3YRUUs4

or https://www.facebook.com/KeiraMontclair

Mary E. Regan, Columnist, is a Freelance Publicist with her ProPublicist.com consultancy. Seeking new publicity clients and writing projects. Story ideas? Email: Mary@ProPublicist.com.

Engine 303 and Squad 301 of Summerville Fire & Rescue (SFR) recently responded to a call for service about a juvenile with his finger stuck in a metal bucket. Firefighters employed lineman pliers and trauma shears to separate the child’s finger from what appeared to be a garden and/or work pail. The youngster and their parents visited SFR Station 3 later that day to deliver an assortment of goodies in a show of appreciation.

German wire firm moving closer to SC customers with Summerville plant

A German company that makes cable and wiring harnesses for the automotive and other industries is opening its first North American manufacturing site in Summerville.Engeser USA Corp.’s $1.5 million investment in a building at 115 Fabricators Street is expected to create 26 jobs, with operations to be online by September.“By producing locally in the USA, we can offer our partners the added value of reduced logistics costs and greater delivery flexibility,” Steffen Engeser, the company’s managing partner, ...

A German company that makes cable and wiring harnesses for the automotive and other industries is opening its first North American manufacturing site in Summerville.

Engeser USA Corp.’s $1.5 million investment in a building at 115 Fabricators Street is expected to create 26 jobs, with operations to be online by September.

“By producing locally in the USA, we can offer our partners the added value of reduced logistics costs and greater delivery flexibility,” Steffen Engeser, the company’s managing partner, told the Schwarzwalder Bote newspaper in Germany’s Black Forest region.

The family-owned company’s headquarters are in Schramberg, Germany.

Engeser told the newspaper the company decided to open a North American site to meet growing demand from European customers with U.S. locations. The Summerville site is near the Mercedes-Benz Vans and Volvo Cars manufacturing campuses in the Lowcountry as well as numerous German businesses that have set up operations throughout South Carolina.

“They join an established group of German companies who are thriving here ... (and) will be a tremendous asset to our growing automotive cluster,” Mike Fuller, chairman of the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, said in a written statement.

Engeser also cited Summerville’s proximity to the Port of Charleston as a key reason for selecting the site.

The company, founded in 1983, recently has expanded its customer base to include the solar energy, construction and rail transportation industries, something Engeser told Schwarzwalder Bote is necessary to help overcome slowdowns in global automotive manufacturing.

Engeser has also made technology investments in its headquarters factory overseas, including robotic workstations and automated warehouse features. The company, which employs more than 600 people overseas, also operates factories in Romania and the Czech Republic.

The S.C. Commerce Department’s Coordinating Council for Economic Development approved a $75,000 grant to Dorchester County to help Engeser pay for infrastructure costs at the site.

A recently completed Summerville-area apartment complex is under new ownership.

Terwilliger Pappas Multi-Family Partners of Raleigh and Charlotte recently sold the 320-unit Solis Nexton complex at 6000 Front St. in the Nexton development for $78.4 million, according to Berkeley County land records.

The new owner of the one- to three-bedroom units in nine three- and four-story buildings near Flowertown is West Shore Nexton LLC of Boston.

The 11-acre site sits on the southwest corner of Pace and Front streets between Sigma Drive and Brighton Park Boulevard.

Changing hands

A vacant parcel near a high-traffic intersection in Goose Creek is slated for new commercial development.

Mims Amusement Co. recently sold a 2.1-acre tract at 108-112 Red Bank Road to JMCS Holdings Inc. for $1 million, according to Jack Owens with the commercial real estate firm NAI Charleston, which represented the seller. Lawrence Richard of Carolina One Real Estate represented the buyer.

JMCS is registered to Michael Scarafile, president of Carolina One Real Estate. He said the Habitat for Humanity of Berkeley County ReStore, currently across the street at 1 Belknap Road, plans to relocate into a new building on part of the recently acquired parcel.

A brewery-type restaurant with outdoor space is planned on the rest of the land. The tract is between a graffiti park and Gary Street, not far from U.S. Highway 52, also known as Goose Creek Boulevard.

Construction on the Habitat store could begin in three to six months with work on the restaurant/brewery business afterward, according to Scarafile.

Taking shape

Development is beginning to take shape on a new multifamily complex five years after plans were first submitted to Charleston.

Property owner Hawthorne at Daniel Island Apartments LLC recently cleared about 10 acres at 2800 Clements Ferry Road near Interstate 526 to build the 210-unit Hawthorne at Clements Ferry rental housing structure.

The Greensboro, N.C.-based firm bought the marshfront tract near the Cooper River marsh in 2018 for about $2.6 million, according to Berkeley County land records. The site is directly across from the I-526 eastbound on-ramp to Mount Pleasant. The development will include two five-story buildings, one with 111 units and one with 99 units, according to plans submitted to the city of Charleston.

New homes

Mungo Homes plans to build more houses in the Long Savannah development in West Ashley.

The Irmo-based builder recently submitted plans to the city of Charleston to build 237 houses on about 56 acres at the end of Barons Drive. Part of the development would border the backside of the houses on Blue Dragonfly Drive in the Hamilton Grove at Grande Oake neighborhood.

The builder paid $11.75 million for the land off Bees Ferry Road last March, according to Charleston County land records.


A Charleston-area real estate firm has joined forces with a Lowcountry homebuilder to market a new development in coastal North Carolina. Carolina One New Homes will handle sales for Johns Island-based New Leaf Builders’ waterfront Riverlights community in Wilmington.

The master-planned community is along the Cape Fear River.

Locally, New Leaf builds homes in Daniel’s Orchard in Summerville, Nexton near Summerville, Middleborough at Shadowmoss Plantation in West Ashley and Hayes Park on Johns Island.

Berkeley Co. Council to consider major development off of Jedburg Road despite moratorium

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) — A new development may be coming to Berkeley County, and ...

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) — A new development may be coming to Berkeley County, and it's causing concern for residents.

The possible development comes as Berkeley County Council is considering a new moratorium aimed at controlling growth.

The Sand Run development plan would be one of the first developments to come to Berkeley County Council with the moratorium in effect.

That means the developer, Pulte Homes, would have to meet with council and residents before beginning to plan their projects.

Berkeley County Council to consider major development off of Jedburg Road despite moratorium (WCIV)

It's a well-known sound to those who live off of Jedburg Road: the humming of cars speeding by.

"We used to stand right here, and we would only see one or two cars, but now, as you can hear and see, they are just coming through like crazy."

RELATED: Firefighters association raises concerns about staffing at Goose Creek Fire Department

Doug Burges has lived in his home in Berkeley County for 14 years, but with more growth, he says he is concerned for the safety of his four daughters.

"It is just getting frustrating as people who have lived down here for a long time like myself, it is just getting to the point of 'when are they going to fix the roads?' It is just not safe," says Burges.

So when he heard about a possible new development across the street from his quaint neighborhood, he became worried.

Under a current proposal, the empty space across the street could house more than 460 homes and a 21-acre elementary school site.

READ MORE: Community search continues 15 days after disappearance of elderly woman

"You cannot build more homes, especially a development like this, and think you are being safe," says Burges.

County leaders say that is why the moratorium is in effect, so developers can see the concerns of residents and address them.

“We have heard the residents of Berkeley County loud and clear in terms that there is too much growth going on and infrastructure is not keeping up, so this is one of the ways that council is trying to make sure that we are growing equally," says county councilman Phillip Obie II.

The Land Use committee will consider the development at a meeting on Monday, August 8 at 6 p.m.

Sagebrook Home establishing operations in Berkeley County

$80 million investment creating 117 new jobs COLUMBIA, S.C. – ...

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Sagebrook Home, a global home décor brand, today announced plans to establish operations in Berkeley County. The company’s $80 million investment will create 117 new jobs.

Founded in 2015, Sagebrook Home’s portfolio includes over 10,000 products including furniture, accessories, wall art, garden decor, lighting and more. The company is a leader in delivery, fulfillment and drop shipping to customers worldwide.

Located at 574 Trade Center Parkway in Summerville, Sagebrook Home’s Berkeley County facility will serve as a 500,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art distribution center for the company’s home décor and wholesale operations.

Operations are expected to be online in May 2022. Individuals interested in joining the Sagebrook Home team should visit the company’s contact page.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has awarded a $100,000 Set-Aside grant to Berkeley County to assist with the costs of site preparation and building construction.


“As Sagebrook Home continues to grow, the decision to distribute from both the East and West Coasts seemed a natural evolution. With the rising cost of shipping, there was no better time to add bicoastal distribution. This new distribution center gives us the opportunity to implement the latest in technology and keep Sagebrook Home a force in the HOME category.” -Sagebrook Home Co-CEO Justin Kachan

“With its proximity to Interstate 26, Interstate 95 and the Port of Charleston, Berkeley County is the ideal place for a business to get their product to marketplaces all over the world. Today’s announcement by Sagebrook Home is a testament to our strong logistics network that helps make South Carolina the ideal destination for businesses.” -Gov. Henry McMaster

“Sagebrook Home’s decision to locate a new distribution facility in Berkeley County is reason to celebrate. This announcement speaks volumes to our state’s logistics advantages, infrastructure and business-friendly environment.” -Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“SC Ports is thrilled to handle goods for Sagebrook’s first East Coast distribution center. This impressive home décor company will benefit from SC Ports’ creative supply chain solutions and expansive port infrastructure. Sagebrook’s new furniture distribution center builds on Charleston’s centrality to the furniture and home goods segment.” -SC Ports CEO Jim Newsome

“Berkeley County is proud to welcome Sagebrook Home to our community. Sagebrook Home’s $80 million investment will help provide more jobs and quality workforce opportunities for the hardworking people in our county. This industry commitment is proof that Berkeley County continues to shine as a bright beacon for industry growth.” -Berkeley County Supervisor Johnny Cribb

State officials announce I-26 widening in Berkeley and Dorchester Counties

Construction on Interstate 26, widening it to three lanes each way in parts of Berkeley and Dorchester Counties will begin soon.RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Construction on Interstate 26, widening it to three lanes each way in parts of Berkeley and Dorchester Counties will begin soon.State officials gathered Tuesday to announce the official start of construction on seven miles between Jedburg Road and SC-27. SCDOT says the stretch initially was set to cost $218 million. But thanks to the legislature approving $320 million in June,...

Construction on Interstate 26, widening it to three lanes each way in parts of Berkeley and Dorchester Counties will begin soon.

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Construction on Interstate 26, widening it to three lanes each way in parts of Berkeley and Dorchester Counties will begin soon.

State officials gathered Tuesday to announce the official start of construction on seven miles between Jedburg Road and SC-27. SCDOT says the stretch initially was set to cost $218 million. But thanks to the legislature approving $320 million in June, the project is being moved up an estimated six years.

Gov. Henry McMaster addressed the officials gathered saying South Carolina is booming in terms of business and tourism.

“In a nutshell, this is the product and the result of a vision, common sense, talent and determination by the people that are here today. That commerce is thriving in South Carolina and there really is no end in sight. We’re doing it right,” McMaster says.

SCDOT estimates more than 22 million vehicles use I-26 every year. That includes tourists, families, trucks and commuters. Rick Todd is the President & CEO of S.C. Trucking Association, a 90-year-old alliance of businesses. He calls I-26 the central nervous system of the State of South Carolina for tourism, commerce and commuters.

“Our transportation distribution and logistics sectors thrive on efficiency. Efficient use of time, equipment and fuel, all of which is very costly. So when this corridor opens up and spreads out, that velocity will become even greater. And that is the competitive advantage and the quality of life improvement that our leaders are investing in,” Todd says.

McMaster and others noted that as South Carolina grows as a hub for major business and manufacturing headquarters, the infrastructure needs to grow at the same rate. Sara Hazzard is the President & CEO of the S.C. Manufacturers Alliance. She says more than 5,000 call South Carolina home creating an estimated annual economic impact of more than $200 billion.

“As manufacturers continue to confront and tackle global supply chain disruptions, it is more important than ever that South Carolina to improve and modernize our state’s transportation infrastructure system which is critical to manufacturers’ success,” Hazzard says.

The stretch from mile marker 187 to mile marker 194 is all part of a nearly $2 billion investment widening from Charleston to Columbia. Bob Morgan is President & CEO of the S.C. Chamber of Commerce. He says South Carolina is the 10th fastest growing state in the country and projects like widening I-26 are an essential part of continuing to grow.

“This will help companies address the supply chain challenges that are so critical. It will help them get product to market faster. It will help all companies who enjoy the river of commerce here and elsewhere in our state.”

SCDOT awarded Banks Construction the bid for work. SCDOT Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall says the company is pledging that $13 million in work on this project will be done by small and minority-owned businesses with the majority of materials being sourced from South Carolina.

“All of that is homegrown and is amplifying the impact of a single road project. Think about that. The ramifications of what that investment does to our economy,” Hall says.

Hall says the state is looking forward to announcing more portions of the project next year.

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